Apps I'm Thankful for


Mozilla Firefox

Software I've used the longest. I'm never letting go of it. Thank you to the developers.


I'm using Termux to write this article. The website and server were made on my $100 Android phone using Termux. The phone is currently my main PC.


Best thing since sliced bread. Nuff said. Thank you, OpenBSD team.

GNU Nano

Nano is the first thing I always install on FreeBSD. I tried Vi, hated it, always came back to Nano. Simple yet affective text editor.

Caddy web server

Simple web server with automatic SSL cert. Very easy to setup. It's awesome.

Cx File Explorer

An android file manager, with built in text editor, music player, video player, & photo viewer. You're starting to see why I like it.

VLC player

Plays any video & audio format I've thrown at it. Second software I've used the longest. For this reason...I love it.